Programmatic offer

Intensive course

A one-year intensive preparatory course for candidates planning to study in Poland


The course is designed for persons planning to take up studies in Poland as well as for those who want to learn Polish without the intention to study at Polish universities or colleges. Foreigners interested in taking up studies taught in the Polish language at AMU and participation in the one-year intensive course of Polish acquire the status of a regular AMU student. Studying is possible upon submitting required documents. To read about the required documents, please click below:


Application form: Registration_form.doc

Required documents for Bachelor Degree and 5-year Master Degree Studies: Required_documents_for_Bachelor_Degree_and_5e.doc

Required documents for Master Degree Studies: Required_documents_Masterstudies.pdf


Prospective applicants to AMU and the intensive course of Polish language should register online:



Other course attendees are regarded as course participants and don't have the status of a student at AMU.



Dział Nauczania UAM
ul. H. Wieniawskiego 1
61-712 Poznań
room no 25 and 27, ground floor
tel. +48 61 829 4375
tel. +48 61 829 4059

Dział Nauczania is opened from Monday to Friday 7.30 a.m. – 3.30 p.m.



Student’s ID card


Foreigners registered for studies in Polish at AMU and participating in the one-year intensive course preparatory for candidates planning to study in Poland receive a student ID card. The Student ID card allows persons to receive a 50% discount on all means of public city transport trams and buses, and a 37% discount on domestic railway and coach connections for persons who are under 26 years of age. It also entitles its holders to a 50 % discount during the purchase of tickets to many museums, cinemas and theatres.


Student ID card is given only to persons who enrolled for degree studies (B.A. or M.A.) at AMU in Dział Nauczania and therefore need to finish the intensive course before the commencement of their studies. If a person enrolls just for the intensive course, they do not receive student ID and do not have a status of a student.