Programmatic offer

Courses of Polish

The School offers

• Polish language classes for AMU’s 1st and 2nd year students

(30 weeks x 2 hours)

mandatory courses for students, Free*

• Polish language classes for AMU employees – foreign language instructors  

(30 weeks x 4 hours)

financed by faculties, dean's acceptance required (download zgoda_na_kurs.pdf)
• Polish language courses for non-AMU students and the general public:  
- Four hours a week (one semester course)  1400 PLN
(one year course)  2200 PLN
- Six hours a week (one semester course)  1800 PLN
(one year course)  2800 PLN
- Ten hours a week   (one semester course)  2400 PLN
(one year course)  4100 PLN

• A one year intensive course of Polish preparatory for candidates who want to study in Poland   (600 hours + 75 hours of specialized classes + AMU-PIE lectures):


one year fee: 3800 EUR (payment in Poland - the equivalent of 3100 EUR in PLN)
a semester fee: 1900 EUR (payment in Poland - the equivalent of 1900 EUR in PLN)
•  Polish language courses for scholarship recipients at Adam Mickiewicz University (Erasmus, GFPS, DAAD, CEEPUS and others)  
- Four hours a week: (one semester course)  Free
(one year course)  Free
- Six hours a week: (one semester course)  Free
(one year course)  Free
- Ten hours a week: (one semester course)  Free
(one year course)  Free


* Financed by faculties.


Participants of the intensive preparatory course may take part in 4 AMU-PIE lectures in English (2 lectures in the winter semester and 2 lectures in the summer semester).

Detailed program of AMU-PIE lectures may be found on the following website:



  • Preparatory courses for taking the State Certification Exam in Polish as a Foreign Language

- One-semester course (4 hours per week, 60 hours in total) - 1200 PLN 

- Intensive two-week course (15 hours per week) - 1000 PLN

            AMU School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreign Students offers an opportunity to take the State Certification Exam on three levels of advancement: B1, B2 and C2.
The School organizes special courses for those who are interested in taking the exams, within which the participants:
  • get information about the certification system in Poland
  • take an assessment test evaluating their proficiency in Polish
  • become acquainted with the types of exercises and the techniques of dealing with the components of the exam which check the main language skills (reading, speaking, writing and listening) and grammatical competence
  • take sample tests and analyse the results
  • take a mock certification exam.
            More detailed information about the exam may be obtained from the Secretariat of the State Comission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language.
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